Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Broken Wing

I could do it
Ya know,
Soar the pass
peruse the rapids
Hunt the bitterroots, and
Nest on lookout pass

Would be nothing

I could
I mean really could
Breeze the surf
As the moon
Painted me
Upon the washed sands
Of broken tides

And then grab a thermo
Flip a whim
And search
For that island,
That shangri la
She spoke of
In my dreams

And i could
Really could
Break the tethers
Of earthen pull
Find love among the clouds
Two as one
In twisted spiral
From the heaven we garnished
Only to separate
And rise
To regain our momentum

Could ya know

Been watching the geese
Peppered against
The boundless blue
The hawks
With their chests puffed
To bully the wind
And the jets
Carving etch-a-sketch

I remember
A hummingbird
That lay flightless on the ground
I held him
Hoped him healed
Built him a home
Among the flowers
And kept a vigil
She abandoned
For one of greater ability

He watched her
And her hims
As they blended themselves
In summer gluttony
And he tried
He really did
This careless warrior
But it was always the same
Three drunken circles
And a crash upside down

Til one morning
He just lay still

I could, you know
Really could
Map the Bitterroots
Paint the sand
Find shangri la

-Love you

But fragile wings break
And vigils are
Rarely kept
So i wait
To become still